Aqua Finesse Filter Cleaner Tablets (10pk)

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     Filter Cleaner Tablets

    To maximise the enjoyment of your AquaFinesse hot tub water, it is essential to keep your filters clean, we recommend cleaning your filters at least once a week. To assist you with this, we at AquaFinesse have developed a fast acting, environmentally friendly 'Fizz' tablet to keep your filter in optimum condition.
    Unlike traditional filter cleaning solutions which need a massive 24 hours soaking period, the AquaFinesse filter cleaning tablets whizz through your filters in just one hour! Important: Good water quality is dependent on a clean filter. Each box contains 10 individually wrapped filter cleaning tablets.

    Instructions for use:

    • Remove filter and rinse with tab water
    • Fill a bucket with warm water
    • Add 2 AquaFinesse™ Filter Cleaning tablets
    • Place the filter submerged in the bucket for at least 1 hour ( if your filter is heavily soiled you may need to leave the filter completely submerged for up to 24 hours)
    • After one hour rinse the filter in the upright position with a strong stream of tap water, working from the top to the bottom
    • Insert filter back into the filter compartment of your hot tub. If possible allow the filters to dry before replacing it back into your hot tub.