Aqua Finesse Spa Clean Puck

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    This Aqua Finesse spa clean is a powerful hot tub purge that removes biofilm, slime, grime, debris and calcium that have built up over time in the spa plumbing, equipment and fittings.

    Perfect for: Deep cleaning the interior and pipe work of your spa during the 3 monthly water change over. Also ideal for use when treating a new spa or swapping over from traditional sanitiser's to AquaFinesse

    How to Use:

    1.Raise the chlorine level in your spa to around 3ppm before beginning the deep clean process

    2.Dissolve the Spa Clean Tablet by adding it directly to your spa water ensuring first that all jets and air valves are set on the open   position.

    3.Activate pumps on full power for 20 minutes to allow a good flow *

    4.Repeat the pump activation process at least 2 – 3 times during the deep clean. Recommended treatment time is 12-24 hours.

    5.Once the treatment is complete remove and clean filters, empty your spa and refill with fresh tap water, add a chlorine shock.

    6.Resume maintenance with AquaFinesseTM hot tub water treatment