Bison Premium Charcoal Grill Cart

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    The Bison Charcoal Cart has a large primary cooking area and stainless steel side shelves that provide plenty of space for food preparation on either side of the grill. This barbecue is portable and can easily be moved to the ideal location in your backyard or patio.

    Standard Features

    • 304, 18 gauge Stainless Steel Construction
    • Fully adjustable Charcoal holding bins
    • Manual Charcoal Elevation adjustment
    • Single Piece Dual Lined Hood
    • Stainless Steel Grates
    • Heavy Duty Casters
    • Multiple Air Flow controls

    Turn A Bull Loose In Your Backyard

    There’s nothing that fires up a party like cooking outdoors. So charge full-steam ahead, Grillmasters. Turn your kitchen inside out with a super star Bison Charcoal Cart. It’s the ideal way to corral your friends & family into some serious food and fun!

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