Create a vacation resort in your own backyard Presented by Carddine Backyard Experts

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Create a vacation resort in your own backyard

Presented by Carddine Backyard Experts

| 5:35 p.m. Oct. 13, 2015 

With the sleepy days of summer’s end rolling into the hectic pace of school buses heralding autumn and holidays, one remnant of summer remains in San Diego — that tropical, year-round, vacation feeling.

In fact, it’s that luxury of paradise in our own backyards that makes now the perfect time to extend vacation into your very own backyard, while extending the return on your investment by creating a warm, welcoming, outdoor living space for families to gather and make any day and your holidays a celebration of family.

“From gazebos and outdoor gas fireplaces to swim spas with built-in music systems and BBQ islands with dining areas, there’s so much you can do fit small or extravagant budgets,” advised Carddine’s Customer Service and Backyard Resort expert Nicole Anderson. “It’s a unique way to make a great investment in your home and give your family a great gift.”

Whether designing a larger space for entertaining or creating a fun, cozy space for relaxing and lounging with the family, there are a few key planning items that the team at Carddine recommend to make the timing between landscaping, construction details, and enjoying your final creation as seamless as possible.

“You want to work with a superstore team,” explained Anderson, “meaning a team that brings experience, product quality, and service expertise together—and values the long-term relationship with families and their private sanctuaries.”

With 25 years of experience transforming San Diego backyards into private resorts, the team at Carddine strongly advises that you look for a team that will guide you from planning and product selection to ongoing support and service.

“There are particular elements to take into consideration in the planning phase,” said Anderson. “First is planning around the landscaping. That way the spa, BBQ island, patio furnishings, or entire outdoor living space amenities can be built at the same time that the yard is being prepped. We work with your contractors on specs for water, electrical, gas lines, concrete—as well as for size, dimensions, and details like the shape and location of hot tubs or BBQ islands. Then we work with the family to customize and create their paradise—from BBQ islands with combined or separate dining, outdoor furniture, fire pits, barstools, whatever the homeowner chooses. The final part is selecting tiles and granite colors, and patio furniture fabric.”

The design team at Carddine also emphasizes the importance of product quality and service options. “It’s important when looking at spas to know the difference between appliance-grade spas with steel frames and insulation versus the usual wood and foam style,” said Anderson. “Because we have a full service center and service the spas and grills that we sell, we offer appliance-grade spas with lifetime warranties. That’s also something to look for with your BBQ and kitchen items—the lifetime warranty on housing and 20-year warranty on our burners is our way of backing our products.”

The typical time frame is four to six weeks, so with proper planning and execution, your family can enjoy an outdoor living space this holiday season. For more information, the Carddine Backyard Resort experts can provide schematics to take home and make a family project out of creating your designer backyard together.

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