LA Spas - MAUI

LA Spas - MAUI
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    L.A. Spas are designed for your style of living. The latest technology has been integrated into every L.A. Spas hot tub so you are assured of the experience you are seeking. Whether you are the adventurer in need of some hydrotherapy, the driven, hard working individual who wants to escape, or just want to enjoy the company of others; the L.A. Spas hot tub you choose is built to showcase your individual style.


    • 7 Seats - Open Seating
    • 83" x 83" x 36"

    Available Pump Configuration

    • 58 Jets / 2 Pumps
    • 44 Jets / 2 Pumps

    Standard Equipment & Features:

    • ES Model
      • Gray jets
      • Therm-RiteTM insulating 3-1/2'' cover
      • LED main light
      • ABS sealed bottom pan
      • CD ozone
      • 2 FX fountains
    • LS Model
      • includes ES features plus
      • Dynamic LED lighting (main, 3 auxillary, fountains, control valves)
      • Stainless steel jet accents
    • SE Model
      • includes LS features plus
      • 12 to 14 additional jets
      • 6hp pump(s)
      • High-flow 24-hr circulation system






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