Maax Collection - M61

Maax Collection - M61
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    The new Maax Collection M Series hot tubs are affordable and beautiful. The modern acrylic construction makes them easy to maintain and durable. Simple to setup and use, your new M Series hot tub will relax away your everyday stresses with its plug and play design. All you need to do is plan, place, plug it in and you are ready to relax.


    Dimensions 79.625" X 72.25
    Depth 29.75"
    Capacity 4
    Water Capacity 255 gallons
    Weight 445/2550 lbs
    Total Jets 22


    Pump 1: 48 Frame 2-Speed 1.0Hp Standard
    240V/30A/40A (4-Wire) Standard
    120V/15A (3-Wire) Standard
    DuraMAAX Cabinetry Standard
    Copper Lined BlueMAAX® GREEN Insulation Standard
    Molded Grab Bar QTY: 1
    Stainless Steel Jets Standard
    Programmable Filter Cycles Standard
    Illuminated Cup Holders QTY: 2
    Lounge QTY: 1
    LED Interior Light QTY: 1

    Why Maax Collection

    Why Maax Collection

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