Maax Collection - R51

Maax Collection - R51
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    The Maax Collection R51 comes with spacious seats for 3. There are 19 hydrotherapy jets carefully positioned to give you a spectacular massage.


    Dimensions 66" x 83"
    Depth 30.5"
    Capacity 3
    Water Capacity 195 gallons
    Weight 510/2,070 lbs
    Total Jets 19


    Pump 1: 56 Frame 2-Speed 5.0 bHP Standard
    240V/40A/50A (4-Wire) Standard
    Steel Sub-Structure Standard
    Molded Pan Bottom Standard
    Northern Exposure® Insulation System Standard
    Freeze/Overheat Protection System Standard
    ClearMAAX® Filtration System (2x50 sqft) Standard
    Two-Tone Molded Pillow Standard
    Illuminated Diverters Standard
    Stainless Steel Jet Accents Option
    3.5" LED Underwater Spa Light Standard
    Cup Holders QTY: 2
    AeroMAAX System with air injectors Option
    Wifi Connectivity Option
    CleanZone System Option

    Why Maax Collection

    Why Maax Collection

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