Maax Collection - R70

Maax Collection - R70
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    The Maax Collection R70 features the perfect combination of lounge and bucket seating for 6 while maintaining all the benefits of hydrotherapy. Massage away stress and relax in the comfort of your own backyard.


    Dimensions 83" x 83:
    Depth 35"
    Capacity 6
    Water Capacity 290 gallons
    Weight 745/3,265 lbs
    Total Jets 38


    Pump 1: 56 Frame 2-Speed 6.0 bHP Standard
    Pump 2: 56 Frame 2-Speed 6.0 bHP Standard
    Steel Sub-Structure Standard
    240V/40A/60A Standard
    DuraMAAX Cabinetry Standard
    Molded Pan Bottom Standard
    Northern Exposure® Insulation System Standard
    Freeze/Overheat Protection System Standard
    ClearMAAX® Filtration System (2x50 sqft) Standard
    Illuminated Spa Controls QTY: 1
    Stainless Steel Jets Option
    3.5" LED Underwater Spa Light Standard
    Illuminated Water Feature QTY: 2
    Illuminated Cup Holders QTY: 1
    ChromaTherapy Standard
    AeroMAAX System with air injectors Option
    20" Luxury Waterfall Package Option
    Wifi Connectivity Option
    Bluetooth Music System Option
    CleanZone System Option
    CleanZone II UV System Option
    Neck Relief Station Standard
    2nd Neck Relief Station Option

    Why Maax Collection

    Why Maax Collection

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