2516 Poly Storm Directional 3 3/8"

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    Directional 3 3/8"

    • Ideal for diversifying your spa experience for better and more relaxing hydrotherapy
    • The Poly Storm directional is a jet internal measuring 3-3/8" across its face with a length of approximately 4-1/2".
    • It is designed with a five point scalloped escutcheon that enhances grip and highlights its expert build, making it a premium choice in spa retrofitting.
    • Its Directional-designed nozzle is great for providing a rotational stream of water in which ever direction for improved water pressure that will help loosen tight muscles and massage sore joints.
    • This jet internal is a perfect replacement for spas that use snap-in style jets.
    Material: Plastic
    Face Diameter: 3-1/2"
    Length: 4-3/8"