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    The Paradise Spa Vac   

    • A simple, inexpensive solution for cleaning your spa or pool.
    • It's a self-contained spa vacuum that requires absolutely no pumping, batteries, or water hook-up.
    • Using a simple suction method, this over-7-foot extendable pool cleaner removes beach sand, coins, rocks, and other debris - leaving you with clean, filtered water.
    • To remove unwanted debris from your pool or hot tub, just place your finger over the Paradise Spa Vac`s end cap.
    • Put the pool cleaner in the water and release your finger; all unwanted debris will collect in the clear chamber.
    • When you lift the Spa Vac out of the water, clean, filtered water automatically drains out, leaving all the debris in the chamber.
    • To empty the contents, simply twist off the lower cup.